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Manual Therapy:

Our providers use their hands to assess and fix your dysfunctions or problem areas. We use our hands to fix your alignment, mobilize soft tissue – massage, mobilize your nervous system, and release trigger points as needed for the entire body. These techniques take away pain, relieve headaches, loosen joints, and normalize body mechanics and muscle balance. Each of our providers are trained to provide safe and effective techniques.

Nerve Mobilization:

Our providers are able to mobilize your nerves and affect your nervous system with Manual (hands-on techniques) or with exercises they teach you specifically for the irritated nerve causing you pain, inflammation, or dysfunction. The importance of nerve mobility cannot be overstated as it is the system that gives information to the brain and then takes the output from the brain to the affected area including neurotransmitters that cause pain or other biological reactions. It is important for our nerves to move optimally so they keep us safe, aware, and out of harm’s way.

Patient Education:

Our providers educate patients on their diagnosis and how PT treatment can help them. We teach on Pain and the Brain so patients will learn how to work toward a pain free lifestyle. We teach the healing process so patients can understand what the body is going through and what it needs to recover. We teach on topics including stress reduction, PTSD, anatomy, the healing process, and therapeutic exercise.

Therapeutic Exercise:

We provide patients with exercises that are truly therapeutic for their specific circumstances. Many times exercise is our prescription to have the body return to what it normally would do when healthy. Sometimes the body needs movements to provide the optimal healing environment for healing, recovery, pain reduction, return to health, and strengthening. We are able to provide exercises in a safe, healing, positive, and friendly environment at our clinic locations. Our patients are instructed on exercises to do at home specifically for their situation. We also offer cardio and strengthening (resistance training) equipment for all levels of ability at our clinics. We offer equipment, tools, and techniques to minimize soreness and inflammation after treatment sessions.

Balance and Proprioception Treatment:

Our providers are able to provide diagnosis and treatment for a variety of causes of loss of balance and proprioception. We can fix alignment issues and inner ear dysfunctions. Then, determine a safe Home
Exercise Program for them. Also, we can put you through a variety of exercises in the clinic safely to retrain your body to improve balance and proprioception.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training):

HIIT includes an all-in effort within the workout. This training keeps your heart rate up and burns fat tissue. High Intensity Interval Training is followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods.

Gym Membership : GALLUP CLINIC


With your gym membership, you get to work with our trainers, who will create specially designed programs that may tailor to reach your goals and needs.

$75 one person

$60 for two people

$55 family or group


Speed Training :

Sprint/speed training on High Speed Treadmill in Gallup, NM. We brought speed training to Gallup over 10 years ago! We want the best for our area kids and Athletes (yeah, we backed up the talk for you!) Come train and learn to sprint with proper form and technique in a safe environment. The treadmill goes up to 31 mph up to a 40% incline with a harness for safety as needed! Each work out is scientifically designed to prepare you for the next. We will teach you how to lift, sprint, eat, rest, and gain the competitive edge! You will learn to be explosive, out run others, and jump higher.

It is a commitment of 3 times a week for 8 weeks! Each day is about an hour and a half. It is challenging but well worth the investment! Come train like a pro (many professional athletes have trained with these concepts and treadmills) for a fraction of the cost of other similar programs!

Cost: $350 for 1 runner.

Cost: $300 per runner if 2 or more. Bring friends and save money! Give your team the
competitive edge!