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Enchantment Physical Therapy

Enchantment Physical Therapy is a progress-driven physical therapy clinic with professional staff to help you fulfill your health and recovery goals.

At Enchantment Physical Therapy, we provide the best possible individualized patient experience and the highest quality of physical therapy treatment in New Mexico.

We believe pain is an output from the brain that memories, fears, and anxieties may trigger. We will educate and train you in techniques that will show you how to eliminate the pain.

As a local Navajo-owned business, you are not a number to us! We are NOT a PT mill. We embrace our traditional teaching of K’é, which refers to concepts such as compassion, kindness, friendliness, and love, which we apply to our work ethic every day.

Mission Statement


At Enchantment Physical Therapy, our mission is to help fulfill your health and recovery goals by providing optimal physical therapy care in the Southwest.


OUR VISION is to help you achieve independence and the freedom to perform your physical endeavors.

OUR INTENTION is to give hope to community members by providing a clear diagnosis, education, a detailed plan of care, and hands-on therapy in a safe and positive environment.

OUR GOAL is to help you return to the quality of life that you want.


Hozho (Health & Wellness)

The Benefits of Enchantment Physical Therapy

Looking for a PT clinic that can help you reach the quality of life that you want?

We’re experts who provide hope to community members by offering a precise diagnosis, education, a detailed plan of care, and hands-on therapy in a safe and positive environment.

Physical Therapy can be a complex and intimidating process. That’s where we step in. Our patient care coordinators will work with you every step of the way to help answer any questions you may have about PT, insurance, or our clinic.


Since 2006, we’ve been trusted by thousands of people in Gallup and Rio Rancho to help guide them to a pain free life.
Let us help guide you to fulfill your health and recovery goals by providing optimal physical therapy care in the Southwest.

After receiving a lifting injury I was in so much pain, some days were hard to do daily functions. Not only is my back pain gone but they showed me how to prevent injury in the future! Justin Tafoya used muscle activation techniques after my alignment which really helps me with my training in the gym for the future! I will always come here and not to mention all of the staff is so friendly and helpful!!

Ashley Hernandez

Its so hard to leave medical staff you trust, but I am happy to say because of their care I am able to walk and exercise again. I could not have been more fortunate than to get referred here. In the past I have gone to other clinics (for different issues), and in good confidence I assure you the level of care I received at Enchantment Physical Therapy is unmatched. Initially I went in for problems with my plantar fascia, and we discovered that it was a symptom of an Achilles tendon issue. Justin and the team spent the time needed to help me heal the plantar fascia, and gradually progressed to focusing on the tendon. It took a lot of time, but I made good progress. My healing process and care was never rushed. Each appointment is very thorough, and if I had any questions or pain in different areas it was immediately looked at. All of the techs are very knowledgeable too. They did an excellent job of teaching me proper form for the exercises, and pushing me when I needed it. I will miss the staff here very much. They are qualified medical professionals, and just all around good people. Thank you!

Mercy Marrujo

EPT graciously accepted VA referrals via the Community Care Network to assist me with knee, hip and lower back pain. The entire crew, led by Rebecca–my primary PT, went above and beyond to address my plethora of service-related injuries in addition to the CCN referral demand.
I am eternally grateful for the care I received. I already forwarded a recommendation they are primary on the CCN call list for veterans in the Rio Rancho area.
Having pointed one neighbor in their direction, I will continue to do so for any other person I meet in need of regaining function and rehab.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Walt Heidmous

Everyone at Enchantment works together to help pay attention to their clients. They help diagnose and explain. They give you appropriate “homework”. They explain how an exercise should be done and what one should be feeling if doing it right. They take care to prepare routines ahead of time. The muscle stimulation beginning of each session puts them ahead of other PTs. Can’t say enough about the staff to a person! For those of you who like a small facility rather than a huge “factory-like” one, this is for you!

Dave Shambach

The type of physical therapy provided by Enchantment PT, I’ve found the sessions improved my quality of life. When I forget my cane in the other room, in my house, that tells me that my balance, my musculature is improving. Along with that, my positive thinking is through the roof!
I would recommend Enchantment PT to anyone who is wanting to start improving their health, body and mind included – at the Rio Rancho, NM location. For 4 months, I underwent PT with them. Ms. Rebekah Zender, PT Asst. who was very professional & culturally sensitive took the time necessary to try a variety of methods to get the astonishing results I sought out (with monthly consultations with owner Mr. Anthony Arviso).
The administrative staff was great also providing efficient and professional service.
I’ve been seen by a few physical therapy groups in Albuquerque & no one compares to Enchantment PT, no one.
The knowledge gained helps me maintain and improve upon my lifestyle. I’ll keep coming back.

Patrick Murphy

This is the first time I’ve had physical therapy and I wish I would have started earlier before my arthritis had progressed to where it was when I referred by my physician and walked (painfully) through their enchanted door.
First I was very impressed with the the kindness and thoroughness with which Anthony assessed my condition and offered some immediate relief with a gentle realignment.
Over the next 12 sessions, Justin and Rebecca both worked on me, and with me to build strength and flexibility, educating me about my condition and teaching me the importance of keeping a daily routine of specific exercises.
I deeply appreciate the the care that I have received from the entire staff. They are consistently attentive, thorough, and kind. The facility is always clean and the space is well lit with daylight.
My progress is measurable and motivating. I now have the hope of living an active life with much less pain.
Thank you each one at Enchantment Physical Therapy!!

Deborah Walsh

Enchantment Physical Therapy in Rio Rancho, NM is the best. They are professional, thorough, empathetic while treating you like family. They reassess my needs as I progress through their program and so far have completely healed my knee and are improving other issues I still have. I highly recommend them to anyone in the Rio Rancho/Albuquerque area!

Martha Desrosiers

I had my left knee replacement surgery in October of 2018. Because Albuquerque is quite a distance from my residence, I was given the choice of finding a local physical therapy facility. My wife had used Enchantment during rehabilitation from a shoulder surgery. She recommended Enchantment Physical Therapy facility to me. I was notified by the facility’s staff contacted me to inform me that I was accepted and that all paperwork and insurance contract had been completed. From the first day, I stepped into the facility, everything was professional. The facility is always clean and free of debris. All clients are greeted with smiles, and it’s always someone waiting to get you started with your exercises. All equipment is sanitized after each client’s usage. The treatment rooms are private, so that there are no distractions to you the client and therapist. I recently had my right knee replacement surgery, I returned to Enchantment physical therapy for my rehabilitation, because I know that I would receive quality treatment I would recommend this great facility to any of my friends or anyone else in need of a quality physical therapy facility. The owner personally gets to know each client that comes through his door.

Judge Jackson

You guys are the best! I felt welcome from the moment I stepped into the clinic. Everyone from Jon and Justin (the therapists that helped me) to Isiah and the front office staff were welcoming and very professional. I will be back when I need more PT. thanks guys!

Jim Desrosiers

I have been receiving PT from Enchantment for 5 years.  The therapists have been so helpful and encouraging through all of my needs. The staff here is excellent and caring.  They are true professionals.  I feel at home here, I feel safe and encouraged to complete my therapy.  The atmosphere is uplifting and a great place to receive therapy.  During Covid they followed all safety procedures to ensure the health and well being of their patients.  I look forward to coming for all my appointments. Enchantment is great place to get well!

Diane DiPaolo

I am extremely pleased with my care at Enchantment Physical Therapy. As I grow older, I have more parts that become injured or wear out and the therapists always put me back together. There is an added benefit in the gym program. It has helped with fitness, strength, stress relief and has lowered my blood sugar. If needed during gym, a therapist is available on site. I appreciate how much the entire staff cares about me and the other patients as well. The emotional support and education I receive are a real bonus that you don’t find everywhere.

Linda Lomasney

Very knowledgeable, and professional. I felt so much better and can use what I learned on a daily basis. I am very happy with the service. Thank you

Mark Lopez